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Merdeka Securities Limited trading services adopt AMS/3 technology enabling you to trade stocks via Internet or phone conveniently. Merdeka Securities Limited provides you with flexible stock trading channels.
HK Securities


0.25% (Min. HK$80.00 per transaction)
  Stamp Duty
0.13% on consideration
(HK$1.30 for every HK$1,000.00 on consideration)
  Transaction Levy (SFC)
0.003% on consideration
  Trading Fee (HKEX)
0.005% on consideration
  Stock Settlement Fee (CCASS)
0.004% on consideration
(Min. HK$2.00, Max. HK$100.00 on consideration)
  Transaction Levy (FRC)
0.00015% on consideration
  Physical Scrip Deposit
HK$5.00 per transfer deed
  Physical Scrip Withdrawal
HK$5.00 per board lot
  Real Times Settlement Instruction
HK$300.00 per transaction
  S.I. Scrip Receipt through CCASS
Free of Charge
  S.I Scrip Delivery
0.002% of gross value, subject to a minimum fee of $5.00 and
maximum of $100.00 per side per SI transaction and
HK$100.00 per transaction
  I.S.I Scrip Receipt through CCASS
Free of Charge
  I.S.I Scrip Delivery
HK$100.00 per transaction
  Compulsory Share Buy-back Fee (CCASS)
0.50% on consideration (Max. HK$100,000.00)
  Scrip Fee
HK$1.50 per lot
  Cash Dividend Collection
0.12% of cash amount dividend (Max. HK$10,000.00)
  Scrip Dividend Collection
0.12% of cash amount dividend (Max. HK$10,000.00)
  Rights Subscription/Excess Application
HK$0.80 per board lot
  Exercise of Warrants
HK$0.80 per board lot
  Take-up Open Offer/Cash Offer
HK$0.80 per board lot
  Deposit rate on Credit Balance
(Cash Account)
HSBC HK Dollar Deposit Rate
(Credit Balance is HK $30,000 or above)
  Late Settlement of Purchase Orders
(Cash Account)
HSBC Prime Rate +5% p.a.
(Interest is calculated from the settlement day, including Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.)
  IPO Application
HK$100.00 per application
  Fund Transfer by CHATS
HK$200.00 per transaction
  Real Time-Stock Quote (AAStocks)
HK$398.00 per month
  Return cheque charge
HK$200.00 per each cheque
  The above Charges are subject to revision from time to time without prior notice.
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