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AASTOCKS Quote Winner, the market information product of AASTOCKS, is a real-time stock quotes service accessible by retail investors or professionals via the Internet.


Use the genuine Push & Streaming technology, not a pull disguised as real-time push. In other words,
all price information is pushed to your computer automatically and instantly. It is ensured that the
prices you see in Quote Winner is most up-to-minute.


Directly connected with Hong Kong Stock Exchange and synchronize all the market data without any
delay. Virtually put you on the trading floor.


Leverage the portability advantage of the Java technology, Quote Winner application is developed
as a Java Applet that can be loaded by using any common browser with no additional installation
required. Once you are connected to the Internet, you are able to stay close to the stock market.


IPO Plus

An advanced IPO Center with comprehensive and all-rounded information of the latest 2 years listed IPOs, Upcoming IPOs and Planned IPOs.

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